Content Management

Content management is an essential part of marketing in today’s business industry. Content drives search engine results, ad pricing and generates customers. Content management is comprised of a few different fields: Content Creation Content creation is where most entrepreneurs spend hours that could be used to build their business and brand instead. Content creation requires writing and…

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Writer Staffing

Content Media Publishing understands the time you put into creating the right job posting, sorting through applicants and onboarding them. For your staffing needs, we can provide you with a solution from search, hire and onboarding. Our team will work with you to create the right job posting that will encompass everything you need. We’ll…

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Editing and Writer Management

Let’s say you already have the right writers, but you just don’t have the time to manage them, handle assignments and replies to their questions. Content Media Publishing’s editing staff can manage your writers, handle assignments and take on the day-to-day email and messaging of keeping in contact with writers and addressing their concerns. We’ll…

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